Skill Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness

In total population of Jharkhand,39.1 % people live below the poverty line as against national rates of 29.8%. In the state of Jharkhand,SC & ST fare the worst in incidence of poverty *ST: 49 %, * SC: 40.4 %, OBCs: 34.6 %, * others: 23.1 %. In 2011-12, the average Monthly Per Capita Consumer Expenditure (MPCE) of Jharkhand in urban and rural areas was Rs.1894 and Rs.920 respectively. It is further supported by the fact that the state has 22/24 districts among BRGF districts.

In view of above facts,some initiatives are taken by CSIR-CIMFR, Dhanbad for increasing income of Jharkhand people and institute designed some employment oriented short term and long term programs as illustrated here:

  • Total Population of Jharkhand
  • Population Under Poverty Label
  • ST
  • SC
  • OBCs
  • Others
  1. Bee Keeping Training (Shot Term- 10 Days)
  2. Commercial Horticulture Training (Short Term -10 Days)
  3. Vermi Composting Program (Short Term-10 days)
  4. Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Program (Short Term-15 days )
  5. Duck Rearing Training(Short Term-07 days)
  6. Gardening (Commercial , Home , Ornamental & Landscaping) (Short Term-15 days )
  7. Mushroom Cultivation Program (Short Term-10 days)
  8. Resham Processing Program (Short Term-15 days)
  9. Apparel Designing Course (Short Term-30 days)
  10. Cloth , Jute Bag Making (Short Term-30 days)
  11. Artificial Jewellery Making (Short Term-30 days)
  12. Artificial Decoration Flowers Making (Short Term-15 days)
  13. Book Making and Binding (Short Term-07 days)
  14. Chikki and Papad making (Short Term-15 days)
  15. Leaf Dona and Pattal Making (Short Term-15 days)
  16. Door Mats Making (Short Term-30 days)
  17. Bamboo and Cane Craft (Short Term-30 days)
  18. Footwear making (Short Term-30 days)
  19. Pottery and Terracotta (Short Term-30 days)
  20. Soft Toys Making (Short Term-15 days)
  21. Solar and LED Equipment Assembling (Short Term-30 days)
  22. Advanced Decorative Painting (Short Term-30 days)
  23. Laptop /Computer Maintenance and Servicing (Short Term-30 days)
  24. Account Tally Course (Short Term-45 days)
  25. Electronics Products repairing and assembling (Short Term-30 days)