Local Medicine Development and Marketing

Regardless of age or gender, many of us have one thing in common i.e. we want to be healthy. For some people, that means constantly being on the lookout for ways to improve and maintain overall health. Considering that an increasing number of people turn to the various means  for good health and local medicine to cure disease as an option can be a good idea to implement in their lives.

Jharkhand is biodiversity rich in medicinal plants. Undoubtly, the flora of Jharkhand is rich and much more diverse as compared to some other states. The forest area is about 40% of the total area of Jharkhand. A number of herbs, shrubs and medicinal plants are seen here, to which tribal and local peoples have a lot of acquaintance. About 32 tribal communities are found in Jharkhand. These people commonly use medicinal plants by their traditional knowledge. Traditional medicinal practioners are the primary health care providers in rural Jharkhand.

Documentation of plants used for medicinal purpose is not new in India.To study and get a preliminary idea about the various medicinal plants mostly used by peoples of Jharkhand and how to conserve these natural resources and knowledge about  natural resources & its importance in life is also very important. These medicinal plants are not only used to cure various diseases, but also are grown or cultivated in homes and in fields as ornamental plants, shade giving plants, timber yielding plants, home construction plants, medicinal plants, vegetable, fruits etc. The various plant part used by common people and others include whole plants, leaves, stems, roots, tuber, barks, flower, fruits & seeds. Traditional and ethnic knowledge generated from such leads has played most significant role in the discovery of novel product as well as newer ideas about conservation of natural resources. The tribal as well as some local people of Jharkhand depend on traditional medicine not only for health care but also for various ailments.

Gramin Mitra helps in promotion of various medical plants and treatment  of diseases in an effective manner.The various local medicinal plant used for medical purposes such as Tulsi,Amla,Ashok,Neem ,Palash ,Semal, Aak ,Brahmi etc. information with parts of the plant used  for the treatment of various types of  disease is displayed on the Gramin Mitra site in a systematic tabular form for the convenience. Rural people can access the information for their health benefits.Indigeneous medicine products developed locally can be sold online through gramin e-bazar portal,a platform to sell and purchase products online at a very reasonable price.So,the developers of the medicinal product will find the new buyers over internet and in a way to reach across the globe. The mediators who used to force them to sell their products at a price below par level will be completely eliminated through this and developers of medicine will get true worth of their effort.

Therefore,the development of local medicine through through traditional means is an important part of development and it should be promoted fully in an effective manner through various platforms so that people can use the information for their benefit.Proper Marketing of these products through online Gramin e-Bazar portal will help the developer of these medicines through selling these produts at the right price and effectively in improving their lives in a positive way.