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TRAINING AND EMPLOYMENT :                               

There is an urgent need to empower more jobs to  more number of people to create a robust workforce. This will not only help us meet the needs of the country’s industries but also enable more people to become financially independent.To achieve this objective,Training is an essential part of this programme.By giving training to the rural people,they hone their skills in a particular trade and become employable in the industry.Training aims to bridge the gap between their education and employment. Training and Employment are mutually dependent in this context in the Industry .    

Training and Employment is an important part of Gramin Mitra Project.The idea is to generate the skill development courses in main areas such as Electrical & Electronics,Information Technology,Handcraft and other Industrial Training courses and make them employable in the industry. Basically,to encourage skill development among the youth population of rural area, Gramin Mitra provides a platform where they will get acquainted with the latest training in a particular field.

The CIMFR,Dhanbad institute designed some short term and long term vocational programs as specified for a period ranging from 7 days to  45 days. The programme is designed keeping in view of the local requirements of the people. Rural people are trained in these courses to set up income generating skills for themselves.Altogether,around 25 Courses are designed  on topics ranging from Agricultural Programmes , Product Programmes ,Process Programmes etc..The Courses in Agricultural Programmes in Agriculture and allied activities includes mainly as Horticulture,Vermi Composting Program, Bee Keeping Training,Floriculture, Duck Rearing Training etc. The Courses in Product Programmes  includes mainly as Apparel Designing Course, Cloth Jute Bag Making, Artificial Jewellery Making ,Artificial Decoration Flowers Making ,Book Making and Binding,Chikki and Papad making,Leaf Dona and Pattal Making,Door Mats Making,Bamboo and Cane Craft,Footwear making,Pottery and Terracotta and Soft Toys Making etc.The Courses in Process Programmes includes mainly as Solar and LED Equipment Assembling,Laptop /Computer Maintenance and Servicing , Account Tally Course and Electronics Products repairing and assembling etc.Interested person can look for Newspaper Advertisements or Website for information related to it from time to time or contact the Institute Office for further query.

Information about various Government  Schemes which promote skill development like Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana for skill development,Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana for employment generation among rural people,National Rural Livelihood Mission for rural people etc. is available on Gramin Mitra site,Where eligible person can access the information and avail the benefits of these schemes.

Rural people can be trained on various subjects to acquire job related skills and become productive. Providing Job oriented training to local people can be given so as to make them ready to do job in the industry. Information related to various skill and development schemes can be found where people can acquaint themselves to become employable in industry.If utilized to it’s true potential,Gramin Mitra can be boon for rural people to become productive by employment generation.